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Frontiers Reach

Fight to keep the frontier free!


It is the year 2230.

For some 200 years the human species has stretched itself into the stars. Those who have made the journey have done so for a myriad of reasons. From seeking new opportunities to escaping the corrupt government that is the Sol Confederacy of Planets. The people of Earth have shown little fear in the face of the void. But these new worlds are harsh and unforgiving; and though these colonists were bold they paid dearly in blood, sweat, and lives to tame the wilds of the frontier worlds. In this struggle the peoples of the frontier found themselves united and the old hatreds were left by the wayside in favor of mutual survival.

However their unity will be tested as the Sol Confederacy has a new and ambitious leader. One who seeks to bring the frontier worlds under the watchful eye of the Sol Confederacy Consolidated Navy. With a new fleet of ships waiting to be battle tested, the SolCon Navy makes for the frontier blasting every pirate, smuggler, and challenger to its authority into clouds of dust and debris.

In response to this, the planetary governments of the frontier create a temporary governing body to guide themselves through the coming conflict. Known as the Republic of Frontier Worlds it is young, unproven, and without a means to defend itself. To meet the might of the SolCon Navy it calls upon independent starship captains to serve as privateers in defense of the frontier and its peoples. Though their ships are old, many of them slapped together on landing pads and in zero gravity shipyards, their captains and crew are determined and bound by their shared culture to defend the frontier or die trying.



Though there are numerous fleets in the Privateer Navy, these are the captains of the 5th Fleet.


Though only 100 lightyears wide, the empire of humanity spans numerous worlds. From the most habitable to the most hostile, rare is the world that cannot be colonized and exploited by the efforts of humanities endeavor to grow and seed the worlds of the Milky Way with future generations.